Play any song you want in a music box

Thanks to a digital module that can be added to any box, you can play any song/recording on a music box to get the best personalized gift. These types of music boxes are sold by our partner Musicboxattic.

How do I get one?

Choose the song

You can ask us for any of our extensive tune collection or you can request a custom music melody especially for you.

Choose the box

You can choose any of the music box with digital modules offered by Musicboxattic or pick any other box and they will add a digital module to it.

Place your order

Make sure to select “Add any song, Recording or Sound” if you want to use your own music and you selected an originally mechanical music box.

Get 15% off your cart in musicboxattic!

You can use the discount code “GNZ15” to get 15% off your cart. You can also check different sales that musicboxattic might have running.

How do they work?

Recommended digital players

Any of these boxes can be edited made digital and play any song you want.

Traditional music boxes

hand crank music box icon

do you need to create a melody for your digital music box?​

hand crank music box icon

are you looking for a hand crank music box?​​

do you have any question?

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