Personalized musical gifts

What are the personalized music strips?

These are strips of paper or coated cardboard that contain musical information, in form of holes, that make hand crank music boxes play different tunes.

What do I need to play them?

You need a hand crank music box, you can get one here (15 notes) or here (30 notes), any box that is either 15 or 30 notes will work just as well with any of our strips.

Why are the strips “personalized”?

There are several things you can choose to make the custom strips to be unique:
* The type of music box you want to play it 15/30 notes
* The tune it will play
* The lenght of the music box tune
* The pictures or photos the file will include

What pictures can I use for the design?

We can use your own pictures you send us (attached on the order or to or you can instruct us on what do you want the strip to be themed. If you send your own pictures you will need to send about 15-20 photos every one minute of tune.

How long does it take the order to be completed?

In most times the final files take up to 1 week to be finished since the moment the order is placed.

What will I get if I order one?

You will get a PDF file for you to print and punch out. The process is fairly easy and can the strips can be put toghether in just 30 minutes.

Do I need a special printer or paper to make the strips?

No you don’t, you can print on regular printer paper and then glue your result into a black music strip (the ones that come with the music boxes). You can also stack 2-3 sheets of regular paper to get a thicker strips that you can use with your music box.
As long as you get to a 210g/m2 strip you should be fine.

Can I have a long file to print the entire strip on a print shop?

Most times you can request this on the notes of your order, but take into consideration that each print shop has different printers that can print up to a certain lenght. We can prepare you a special file if you communicate to us the specifications of the machine.

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