Along with the classical music box tunes, we offer different products that make a perfect fit with them.


Music Sheets

We produce music sheets out of the tunes we have done. These can be included as an extra in you order for regular tunes or bought separately for our previously done tunes.

Music Strips(For punch out music boxes)

If you own a hand crack music box that feeds through a paper tape, we can make a PDF (printer friendly) guide that instructs you on where to punch out the holes on the tape to play our tunes. The strip can contain pictures of the musical video of the original song or it can have personal pictures as well.
The service includes the adaptation of the tunes to your device’s specifications (number of notes and lenght of the tune).

We provide a PDF file only, not the punch out tool nor the tape.

MIDI Files

MIDI files are music files that can be imported into many different musical softwares to create all kind of content.