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Get any song you want

Choose any song and we will make sure to adapt it to work perfectly in your music box.

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Use your own pictures

Your strip will be done just for you using your own pictures. The result is 100% personalized!

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The perfect personal gift

Every part of the strip is aimed to make a great gift out of it.

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Quick service

Get your file within the week of the order.

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Does not require shipping

The product is digital and can be ordered from all around the world. Share the strip with the ones you love!

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Compatible with different music boxes

Our strips comply with the standard sizes for 15 / 30 notes music boxes so you can play your new strip on your existent box.

  • You will get a PDF file in standard size (letter) ready to print. This file has everything you need to print and make your own strip. You will also get a PDF with the instructions to make it happen. If you prefer offline instructions, you can ask them to

  • The process is fairly easy and quick, we have a guide right here where we tell you how to put your strip.

  • Yes, we can work with original songs. We can work with professional recordings, music sheets or even home made recordings (even smartphone recordings).

  • Yes, you can do that if you go to a print shop that can handle it. In case you want to print like this you would need to request us the special file you will require to do this.

  • There are many differences between a 15 notes mechanism and a 30 notes one.

    15 note music box:

    • Classical sound
    • Cheaper instrument
    • Smaller mechanism
    • Plays only 1 musical scale (doesn’t play every note there is). There are some specific songs that need to compromise important notes in order to be played on one of these.
    • Video example:
    • Music box on amazon (price example):

    30 note music box:

  • The strips usually get sent to your email account about 2-3 days once you send the pictures.

  • It really won't matter wich box you choose as long as it has the desired note count. All mechanisms are currently done by the same company (YouTang) so the sound quality and the duration of the device is almost the same for any of them.

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