Are you looking for a “real” physical music box with your custom music?

We provide songs for Music Box Attic, the Nº 1 online distributor of music boxes.


These boxes are digital music boxes, that means that when you open your box, the sound will come out of a speaker, not an actual mechanical movement. But don’t be fooled, their quality are outstanding and you can verify this here.


How to get your custom digital music box way

1- Pick your song and place your order here.

2- Once you get your custom song audio file, enter into Music Box Attic site to choose you desired music box enclosure. Once you are decided you can click in the option “Custom digital module option – Any Song – Any Recording” and upload your song file to get it embedded in the box you chose.

3- Use discount code “GNZ15” at checkout to get 15% off your cart!

  • If you are looking just the music files you can enter here!
  • If you are looking for PDF files for hand crank music boxes click here!