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Get your personalized music strip for hand crank music boxes!

What does personalized means? It means that you can choose:

  • The type of music box you want to play it 15/30 notes
  • The tune it will play
  • The lenght of the music box tune
  • The pictures or photos the file will include

This item is for those people who own hand crank music boxes that feed on a tape strip* and want a new tune for them. If you do not have any music boxes you can get yours here (15 notes) or here (30 notes).

It includes making a new tune or editing an existent music box tune from our youtube channel to fit the number of notes and the lenght of your tape strip and make a beautiful PDF file ready to print, cut outand punch the holes directly.

Every minute of playtime is around 1 meter of lenght (3 ft.) you will gave to print. If custom pictures is chosen, it is recommended to send about 15-20 photos for each minute the tune should play.

Most times you will get your files within the week of the order, as long as you attach all the necessary pictures.

The image below is a sample of “Perfect – Ed Sheeran” made for a 15 note music box.


Examples of custom strips made with pictures of the musical videos:


Click HERE if you want to know more about the strips.


Up to 1 minute, Up to 2 minutes, Up to 3 minutes, Up to 4 minutes, Up to 5 minutes


Existent, New tune

1 review for Custom music box strip design

  1. krose95379 (verified owner)

    My daughter came up with the sweet idea to buy a music box for her Valentine. One 30 nite music box and some sheet music, I realized we were in way over our heads.
    A quick web search, a few YouTube videos, and I was on board with Music Box Melodies. We originally thought to do a song not in the catalogue, but after hearing Michael Buble’s “Everything,” we were charmed.
    Questions to Gonzalo and his team were answered in a timely manner. And I had many questions.
    Once ordered, I was walked through the process of sending photos. I didn’t have enough for the length of the strip, but Gonzalo made a darling repeat loop of the photos and graphics I supplied.
    The following day, I received the link to the digital file on google drive. Accessing it was simple.
    I ran into a bit of trouble with Staples printing the files correctly, but once again, Gonzalo went above and beyond, re-writing the file so that Staples could print on adhesive paper, and doing so overnight.
    Once printed, it was a bit of a struggle putting the strips onto the factory music box paper, but happily, I ordered two sets of prints (funny story…. the lady at Staples was so upset when the strips first printed. “I don’t know why there are dots everywhere!” I assured her they “spots” were the note marks.)
    The second set found us in a groove, and the strips were assembled correctly. Do so “backwards,” or last strip first, so the overlap goes with the music box mechanism, not against, which might cause it to catch on the mechanism. The hole punching of the notes was easy.
    All in all, I’m pleased. My daughter is pleased. And she has now the expertise to order again for other occasions and put the strips together like a pro. We will order from Music Box Melodies again.
    ~Kathy Rose
    Bridgton, Maine

    • cacalo

      Thank you very much for your nice comment and for taking the time to write it!
      I want to emphasize how critical was for the success of this work the fact that you wrote each and every one of the questions you had about the product before the order, and then kept the communication flow trhoughout the whole process (printing & punching out).

      I’m really glad your daughter is pleased and I hope to know more about you in the future.
      Gonzalo Bechara –

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