Piano roll for music boxes (punch out strips)


Piano roll sheets ready to print and punch out, with high quality art printed on the sheets.

Please use timecode to explain this (E.G. from 00:15 to 01:20 when the chorus finishes)


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This item is for those people who own hand crank music boxes that feed on a tape strip* and want a new tune for them.

It includes editing an existent music box tune from our youtube channel to fit the number of notes and the lenght of your tape strip and make a beautiful PDF file ready to print, cut outand punch the holes directly. If you are looking for a strip on a new tune, you will have to order this product.

These strips include about 1 full minute of a song (longer songs are not practical to play in a manual music box)

The image below is a sample of “Perfect – Ed Sheeran” made for a 15 note music box.


If cusom pictures is chosen, it is recommended to send about 10-18 photos to cover the entire strip.

If you do not own a hand crank music box you gan get your own here: Get you hand crank music boxes!, these boxes are the ones we design the strips for.

*Buy only if you own or recognize this kind of music boxes


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