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MusicBoxMelodies.com is a company that makes music-box like arrangements for songs saves them in a comfortable MP3 file*. All of our songs are ordered by our clients and most of them can be heard here**.

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Music boxes were first listened in late 1700s reinventing the way people would listen to music. Back then, the possibility of hearing music without an actual musician playing was outstanding. Nowadays, music box music is an art that is rapidly vanishing as digital music takes over all aspects of life. Don’t be mistaken, digital music sounds awesome, but it is a lame that we have to lose some precious ways to listen to music because of it.

Now technology allows us to recreate those feelings and melodies in a way that brings confort to the listener. In the Music Box Conversion Machine we believe we take the best of both worlds, the simplicity and calm of an antique music box, with the endless posibilities digital music provides us, resulting in relaxing, yet deep music that can bring memories back to life and also can put the toughest people back to sleep.

  • They are great gifts and they suit for many occations (christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)
  • They allow you to have for a baby the music you want them to hear.
  • They work for background music in stylish places.
  • Thay may serve as music for meditation.


We work with three different variation of the same product and we call them “levels of complexity”, this is a parameter that goes from 1 to 3 and is an indicator of how much work is applied in each tune.

In “Basic” we work with short melodies, up to 20 seconds long and with only one layer  of sound (1 instrument at a time).

In “Intermediate” we work with parts of songs, it can be the chorus of a song, a phrase, an intro, or any part, we add more layers of sound and more playback time to songs. They are usually under 1 minute long songs.

In “Complex” we work with full songs, trying to come up with the musical arrangement the suits better for each song. These songs last around three or four minutes in most cases.

Costumers can also request for the music sheets and MIDI files of the tunes we make, for an extra fee. These are not automatically generated, they are done after preparing the tune for easy reading.

Our music has no limitations, length, number of notes, and any desired musical effect are no match for MusicBoxMelodies.com

*We sell digital files, not physical music boxes, if you are looking for a physical music box you may want to check over here.**songs always belong to their rights owner, in this compaƱy we only make arrangements for them (this song within this arrangement will still belong to the actual owner of the song).